Sourcing the world’s most ethical wool

Sourcing the world’s most ethical wool

From Nanny glerups’ first pair of felted slippers using wool from the Gotland sheep on her own farm in Denmark to the passionate growers right here in New Zealand, wool is at the very heart of the glerups story. 

Because we have always aimed to produce all our products with respect for humans, animals and nature, the ZQ standard for ethical wool is a perfect fit.

These farmers meet our high standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare.

We work with our farmers every step of the way and follow each pair of glerups from the sheep to your feet.


Since 2007, The New Zealand Merino Company (NZM) have been working with wool growers to supply the world’s most ethically sourced wool under the ZQ brand. ZQ requires growers to thoroughly understand key animal health, environmental and social issues and adhere to a range of best farm management practices.

ZQ wool is ethical - and traceable. We know exactly which farm our wool was grown on and we love the personal connection.

Now, with the launch of a new regenerative platform, ZQRX, growers are going even further by committing to giving back more than they take. 

ZQRX lines up perfectly with our values around wasting as little as possible, using things from nature and leaving things in a better place than we found them. 


Our business is very personal - that’s why we love our connection to the family-run farms around New Zealand that are constantly trying to improve the way they grow wool - whether that’s introducing recycling or planting trees.

For glerups, the ZQRX platform is not so much about achieving standards. It’s about people. Our goal is to build trust with people who align to our values. 

“I see my role as a guardian of the land,” says glerups grower Todd Bolton of Mangamingi Station in the Waikato region of New Zealand. “We’ve got to look after our environment. We’ve got to protect it  for our people and our communities.”

“It’s really good to be closely connected with our customers through New Zealand Merino and glerups. It’s great to know that the wool that comes off the back of our sheep is going to be on someone’s foot somewhere in the world.”

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