Meet our farmers - People behind the brand

Meet our farmers - People behind the brand

At glerups, our business is personal. We value a connection to the people who make our product - starting with the growers from around the world who produce our wool.

Todd Bolton runs Mangamingi Station in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Todd grew up farming and wanted his children to have the same experience of growing up outdoors, connected to nature and learning to care for animals.

“I think our family values are very similar to the glerups family values,” says Todd. “It’s important that we look after our environment. It’s important that we look after our animals. And it’s important that we look after our people.”


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Mangamingi Station is a rolling hill country property.

“The property has great contour,” Todd says. “It grows lots of grass and is a really good environment for sheep. There are lots of rivers, waterways.”

The property feeds into the Waikato River. “There is a whole community associated with the river and so it’s important for me that the water that leaves our farm is as good as the water that comes into it.”

Todd has spent the last four years fencing and planting and testing water quality to live up to that ideal.

Mangamingi Station has commercial forests to absorb carbon and protected native forest to encourage biodiversity. 

“We’re trying to set up paths through the farm where wildlife breed and nest,” Todd says.

 Last year, Todd’s children Holly (13) and Finn (11) were travelling around the farm when they heard some frogs in a pond. This kicked off a journey to protect the frogs, which involved fencing, planting and even bringing in the local school to learn more about the frogs and their environment. 

“We need these frogs in our life cycle, so we set about protecting them and now the bird life has increased around the ponds as well. The kids are immensely proud and love playing amongst the reeds that have grown up around the pond.” 


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Mangamingi station has signed up to the ZQRX regenerative platform, which helps him monitor and improve. 

“For me, regenerative farming means improving our soil health, creating more biodiversity, improving animal welfare, and improving our people. It’s a whole holistic view of the business. And it’s also the mindset to improve - to give more than you take.”

Todd says knowing that the wool from his farm ends up on feet around the world is hugely satisfying. 

“It’s really good to be closely connected with our customers through The New Zealand Merino Company and glerups.”

He loves the life he’s created farming. “I feel like I’m really doing something. I’m looking after lots of animals. I’m looking after a big environment and I’m looking after four families on the property. It’s a big responsibility but it’s very rewarding.”