Mother's Day gift ideas with glerups

Gifts for Mum

Spoil her with hygge

Hygge is a Danish philosophy of comfort - the art of creating a warm atmosphere and cherishing the little things. Translate this to Mother’s Day and it means gifts like a luxuriously soft cashmere scarf, or a beautiful scented candle, or - of course - some cosy glerups. But it can also be a candle-lit meal or a hot bath. It’s about creating a sanctuary of comfort in the middle of ordinary life, appreciating the everyday and being grateful for the little things - beautiful concepts to embrace this Mother’s Day.

Portrait sitting

We know your cupboards are already bursting with “creations” that come home from school and kindy, but Mother’s Day is an opportunity to put the little art geniuses to work for something special. Collect some art supplies and set mum up with a cup of tea and a comfy spot to sit for a portrait. Regardless of the production values, these masterpieces promise to be keepers. 

Time in with family & whānau

Let’s face it, parenting has its ups and downs. Mother’s Day is a perfect chance to create some beautiful family memories. Plan a simple surprise that’s low on logistics and big on togetherness. It could be a walk or play at the beach or a few hours at home dedicated to board games. Don’t forget to capture the smiles with a few nice photos.

Time out voucher

Some mums want nothing more than to be wrapped in the warmth of their family, but others are actually dying for some “me” time. If this is the mum in your life, she probably knows exactly what she wants in a day off and your gift can simply be to carve out the space and time for her to do it. Consider a “Me Day” voucher that she can cash in and check out of a full day’s parenting responsibilities to recharge.

However you choose to celebrate this year, from our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day.