Easter Glerups Shop Natural Local Wool Slippers

Enjoying a fun & conscious Easter

Oh Easter. It's one of most celebrated holiday seasons across New Zealand. Whether you are heading away for an epic adventure, planning a family/friends feast or curling up in the sofa eating your weight in chocolate. 

Here some food for thoughts around being more planet-friendly this Easter.

#1 Food & Chocolate:

Kiwi's favorite include marshmallow eggs and hot crossed bun.

Mmmh a delicious and warm hot crossed bun. Go to your local bakery and support the local or even try and bake it yourself this year. 

For the chocolate, buy it ethically made, from New Zealand and remember: quality over quantity.

#2 Adventures Getaway:

Taking this time off to travel around New Zealand to discover new landscape, hike a great walk or just getting away of the city hustle.

Enjoy the moment in nature, get in the water, do a bonfire, play some music and look at the stars. So many ways of respecting and celebrating the nature around us. 

#3 Fan of an Easter Hunt:

Give some clues for the little ones and adult to discover their surprise. It doesn't need to be chocolate, it can be a voucher for playing their favorite board games, a homemade hot chocolate, an adventure at the playground. Just some other ways to spend quality time together and be more conscious.

#4 Indulge:

Treat yourself or your loved ones this Easter holiday. Give the Easter Bunny a break and enjoy some glerups instead! Imagine the feeling of warm hug for your tired feet. Best holiday accessory to bring with you. 



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