A cosy Easter holiday!

A cosy Easter holiday!

After all the hustle and bustle of summer, Easter marks a time to switch gears and start the wind down to winter. Here’s our top tips for a cosy Easter weekend in your glerups. 

Embrace the staycation

While others are frantically packing to get away, you can instead embrace the staycation and enjoy some peace and quiet over the long weekend. Make time for a good book or a long walk. Dust off your board games or start a puzzle - the lockdown trend that turned out to have huge benefits for mind and body.

Do brunch

Is there any more luxurious a meal than a long, sunny brunch? Book your favourite eatery or plan your own and invite a few friends. A good brunch has plenty of coffee and tea, multiple courses and mixes sweet and savoury.

Be spontaneous

The weather at this time of year is unpredictable. Use this as an excuse to be more spontaneous! But the trends. Walk in the rain. Swim in the cold.Try the Getting Lost Game, a card deck that helps you explore new places by delivering random prompts like, “Take the next left” or “Follow a blue car.”


Bake your own hot cross buns 

Have you ever made your own hot cross buns? There’s nothing cosier than the smell of bread baking. Hot cross buns are surprisingly easy! Search up a no-knead recipe where all you need is a bowl, a wooden spoon and one minute of stirring.

All the (good) chocolate

Easter is a great excuse to indulge. Did you know that the world’s first 100% fair trade organic chocolate manufacturer is based in Christchurch? The factory, which was opened by fair trade pioneer, Trade Aid, in 2014 has a brilliant name - Sweet Justice. The factory contract produces for many New Zealand brands, but Fair Trade’s own range is vast and growing. It now includes dried kiwifruit dipped in chocolate, a new dark passionfruit and dark chocolate hazelnuts with a cocoa dusting.

Whatever you make of your long Easter weekend, take some time to reflect, restore and connect. Winter is fast approaching.